Cohere and Fujitsu Announce Strategic Partnership To Provide Japanese Enterprise AI Services

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command r

Retrieval-augmented generation at production scale

Cohere Command R is a family of highly scalable language models that balance high performance with strong accuracy.

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Highly accurate for businesses


RAG-optimized models

When paired with Cohere Embed and Rerank, Command offers leading accuracy for advanced AI applications requiring information from documents and enterprise data sources.

Command R family of models

This family of scalable models balances high efficiency with strong accuracy to enable enterprises to move from proof of concept into production-grade AI.

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What’s possible with Command

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Collaborate with a helpful co-author

Command can write product descriptions, help draft emails, suggest example press releases, and much more.
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In-depth analysis of documents

Ask Command multiple questions about a document in order to assign a category to the document, extract a piece of information, or answer a general question about the document.
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Millions of answers, at your command

Where answering a few questions about a document can save you a few minutes, doing it for thousands of documents can save a company years.
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