Build conversational apps with RAG

Cohere’s Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) toolkit allows LLMs to accurately answer questions and solve tasks using enterprise data as the source of truth

Give your technology language

Cohere’s world-class large language models (LLMs) help enterprises build powerful, secure applications that search, understand meaning and converse in text.


Chat with RAG

Cohere’s Coral lets you build powerful chatbots and knowledge assistants. Coral uses RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) to deliver accurate conversations grounded by your enterprise data.


Powerful, accurate semantic search

Cohere’s Embed model allows enterprises to build powerful search solutions. Embed is the industry’s highest performing embedding model in English and over 100 other languages, ensuring relevant results.


Search performance improvement

Rerank greatly improves the relevance of search results from existing lexical and semantic search tools, such as Elasticsearch, OpenSearch, or Solr, and is customizable by domain for better performance.

Accelerate the next wave of productivity

Today’s language models already show productivity gains in white-collar tasks of over 50%. The coming Intelligent Assistants will understand your enterprise data, giving your employees the tools to make decisions far more quickly than we can imagine today.

Source: MIT Shakked Noy / Whitney Zhang

The enterprise LLM


Secure deployment options

We offer multiple hosting options to give you full control over data security and privacy, with private cloud, secure cloud partners (AWS, Oracle, Google), and Cohere’s managed cloud as options.


Customizable models

Our language models are performant out-of-the-box, but we offer custom model training (fine-tunes) that make your models work for any use case, domain or industry.


excellent Customer Support

We understand that building apps based on language models is new, so we offer industry leading support. Over 98% of questions are answered by our docs, and our live support responds to customers in less than a minute

LLM University

Curious about large language models?

LLM University offers an approachable and structured
 curriculum to get you speaking our language.