We are Cohere

Our team of ML/AI experts is passionate about helping developers solve real-world problems. From our offices in Toronto, London, and Palo Alto, we work at the cutting edge of machine learning to unlock the power of language AI for all developers.

Our Values

Cohere was founded by Nick Frosst, Ivan Zhang and Aidan Gomez, a co-author of the groundbreaking paper (with over 100k+ citations), “Attention Is All You Need,” which revolutionized NLP. As our company continues to grow, we are guided by our 7 values.


With great power comes great responsibility

Responsibility means more than getting the technology right. It’s about staying tethered to the societal impact of our work and anticipating risks — both in what we build and who we share it with.


We lead with trust and assume positive intent

We lead with empathy, we give trust freely and assume positive intent. We interact with each other humbly and judiciously and actively look for ways to make our coworkers and users feel special.


We are all co:owners, and we act like it

We show up and do what needs to be done; we do our work without ego; we ask for help when we need it and give help whenever we have a chance.


We create more value than we capture

Real-world applications and solving real user problems are our north star. They tell us where they want to go, and we figure out how to get them there.


We embrace a Beginner’s Mind

While we aim to be masters of our craft, we approach problems with a beginner’s mindset: humbly, and with curiosity and eagerness to learn.


A high bar is our floor

We want to be excellent across our product and all of our disciplines. No matter where we start, we continually look for opportunities to learn and improve, always pursuing excellence.


Work isn’t the opposite of play

We inject fun and lightness into our work to create delight and excitement from the time we log on. We can be serious without taking ourselves too seriously.


We want Cohere to be the place where everyone does the best work of their career. So we make thoughtful decisions about how we work, the perks we provide, and how we create a diverse and inclusive work environment. We also foster technical creativity and innovation through internal hackathons, demos, tech talks, and achievement recognition programs that form a cornerstone of our culture at Cohere.

Join us and work alongside some of the world’s best talent from the likes of Apple, Meta AI, Amazon and Google Brain, as well as full-time staff adjunct professors from Stanford, Oxford, and University College London.

Our Benefits

  • Health & Lifestyle
    • 01:

      We cover 100% of premiums across health, dental, vision & travel.

    • 02:

      Mental health is a priority for us all. We offer additional coverage for accessing mental health providers/services. As well as access to an EAP (employee assistance program) and a Headspace account for employees and up to 5 family members.

    • 03:

      We offer RRSP, 401K, and Pension Scheme contributions.

    • 04:

      We also offer the following benefits: a one-time workspace improvement allowance (for your at home workspace setup), free daily lunch credit, a monthly fitness/wellness allowance, an annual arts and culture allowance (for hobbies and things that enrich you as a person like improv lessons or art classes), and a monthly quality time allowance (to help improve the quality of the time you spend outside of work like a meal delivery or cleaning service).

  • Stock Options
    • 01:

      We want everyone who contributes to our success to get a ‘piece of the pie.’

  • Work Remote & PTO
    • 01:

      We are remote-first culture and have folks located all around the world! We have working spaces in Toronto, Ontario, Palo Alto and San Francisco as well as London, UK. To remain inclusive, we ensure that all company events, meetings, and opportunities are set up for our distributed teams. If you’re not located near one of our working spaces, we offer a co-working allowance that can be used towards working at your favorite co-working space.

    • 02:

      Every employee at Cohere gets 6 weeks of paid time off and locally observed  holidays. We also provide unlimited sick days.

  • Family Support
    • 01:

      All new parents (including those who adopt or go through a surrogate journey) are eligible to receive 100% of their salary for 6 months.

    • 02:

      The decision and journey to having kids is different for each person and family. Part of our commitment to diversity is being able to support the widest variety of these scenarios as we can so we offer financial support for egg freezing and IVF for those in the US, Canada, and the UK.

  • Growth & Development
    • 01:

      We cover education and continued learning for full-time employees. The benefit can be put towards attending a conference or taking courses.

We are well


We raised our Series C from some of the leading AI investors in North America, have partnerships with AWS, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Google Cloud, allowing enterprises to host securely on their preferred environment.

We are


We believe that language AI will fundamentally change the relationship between humans and machines. Our goal is to build products that help any developer make this future a reality, faster.

We are

Diverse & Inclusive

We are focused on creating a work environment where everyone can thrive, whether they had a previous life at Google Brain, Apple, a startup, or as an online poker champion (true story).

Ready to get started?

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