Cohere and Fujitsu Announce Strategic Partnership To Provide Japanese Enterprise AI Services

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Build a future without a language barrier between humans and machines

Cohere helps businesses explore, generate, search for, and act upon information in a new way that’s more intuitive and more natural than ever before.

Meet the enterprise conversational AI agent

Power an enterprise chat agent that answers questions grounded in your company’s knowledge, and that can take actions and drive processes.

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Our belief

Cohere’s AI tools are being used broadly across multiple functions today. Don’t see your use case? Reach out and we can discuss.


Top Performing language models

Our top performing Generative models (HELM benchmarks) are updated weekly to improve performance. Our state-of-the-art multilingual embedding model enables semantic search, classification and sentiment analysis across 109 languages.


Secure, works in your cloud

Our language models can be deployed to cloud platforms (AWS, Oracle, Google) and VPCs, offering you flexibility, control over your data, and the highest levels of data security and privacy.


Ease of customization

Our language models are customizable for your unique use case, and can be easily integrated with your applications. No scarce ML experience needed.


Top tier support

For many customers, language AI is new. Cohere and its growing partner base is dedicated to helping you build solutions that find business value.

How Cohere is being used today

Cohere’s AI tools are being used broadly across multiple functions today.  Don’t see your use case?  Reach out and we can discuss

  • Generate

    Write product descriptions, blog posts, articles, and marketing copy with scalable, affordable generative AI tools.

  • Summarize

    Extract concise, accurate summaries of articles, emails, and documents.

  • Neural Search

    Build accurate, high-performance semantic text search across any document type in English or in 100+ languages.

  • Classify

    Run text classification for customer support routing, intent recognition, sentiment analysis, and more.

  • Embed

    Access a managed embedding model that outperforms OSS and works in both English and 100+ languages to develop your own capabilities.