Cohere and Fujitsu Announce Strategic Partnership To Provide Japanese Enterprise AI Services

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Enterprise AI Platform

Built on the language of business

Optimized for enterprise generative AI,
search and discovery, and advanced retrieval.

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Our Models

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Our models are designed to augment and elevate the global workforce, so businesses can thrive and stay competitive in the AI era.



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Cohere Command, powering innovation with enterprise GenAI

Command models are used by companies to build production-ready, scalable and efficient AI-powered  applications.


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Cohere Embed, unlocking the full potential of your enterprise data

We have trained our models on the language of business to enable the most accurate and efficient solution. Scale your Enterprise AI strategy starting with the highest performing embedding model, which supports over 100 languages.


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Cohere Rerank, surfacing the industry’s most accurate responses.

The combination of Rerank and Embed delivers the most reliable and up-to-date responses for your application, grounding retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) in your data.

Build with Advanced Retrieval

Our Generative AI and Advanced Retrieval models work seamlessly together for applications requiring RAG. It's easy to connect and retrieve information from documents and enterprise data sources to build more powerful AI applications.

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Enterprise-grade AI deployment on any cloud or on-premises

Only Cohere provides flexible and secure deployment options. Bring our models to your data.

Developer Resources

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Explore how the latest AI advancements can apply to your business

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Get the competitive edge in generative AI with courses from LLM University

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Start integrating Cohere’s AI models into your apps and workflows

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Our Mission


Do whatever it takes

We work tirelessly towards
our goals.


TO scale intelligence

We want to make intelligence
abundant, affordable, and accessible.


to serve humanity

We build our technology to
benefit people and positively impact the world.