Introducing Command R+: Our new, most powerful model in the Command R family.

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Write copy for any context

Generate produces unique content for emails, landing pages, product descriptions, and more.

Code sample that runs the Cohere API generate endpoint with only a few lines
Using Cohere to generate marketing slogans for an online shoe shop

What's possible with Generate

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Ad content

Creativity made easy. Give us ad examples and get back copy that engages customers.
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Blog copy

Make writing content a breeze. Just give our model a topic and a prompt, and your blog will write itself.
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Product descriptions

Maintaining thousands of SKUs? Get unique descriptions for each that match your brand voice.

"Cohere excels at delivering high quality, low-latency language AI models and really supporting them. Having Cohere’s team as an extension of ours lets us go 10x faster."

Matt Shumer

Simple APIs, powerful results

No matter your level of experience with ML/AI, Cohere’s Command model makes it easy to generate text in your applications.

1import cohere
2co = cohere.Client('{apiKey}')
3response = co.generate(
4  model='command-nightly',
5  prompt='Write 5 titles for a blog ideas for the keywords \"large language model\" or \"text generation\"',
6  max_tokens=300,
7  temperature=0.9,
8  k=0,
9  p=0.75,
10  stop_sequences=[],
11  return_likelihoods='NONE')
12print('Prediction: {}'.format(response.generations[0].text))
1"The Power of Large Language Models: How They're Revolutionizing Text Generation"
2"The Future of Text Generation: How Large Language Models Are Changing the Game"
3"5 Ways Large Language Models Are Being Used to Generate Text"
4"Large Language Models and Their Potential for Text Generation"
5"Everything You Need to Know about Large Language Models and Text Generation"

Why Generate


Your data, your way

Deliver exceptional experiences wherever your customers interact with your business, whether it be public, private, or hybrid cloud.


Your goals, Cohere’s AI

Our state-of-the-art models are not only accurate, but they also support your specific tasks and drive impact for your business.


Your business, our commitment

We collaborate with your preferred partners and adapt to any environment to ensure that safety and security always come first.


Powered by Cohere’s flagship model: Command

Cohere’s text generation model is tuned to follow user commands and deliver leading edge performance with continuous updates.

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Learn how to integrate text generation capabilities into your apps.

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