Enterprise fine-tuning suite

Optimize generative AI for performance by tailoring models to specific use cases and industries

Why fine-tuning?

Greater Accuracy

By tailoring the model to specific use cases and industries, it can better understand and generate contextually relevant responses.

Improve Efficiency

Fine-tuning streamlines performance by reducing token usage and condensing the effectiveness of a larger model into a smaller, more efficient one.

Fine-tuning on Cohere Models

When should I fine-tune my model?

Fine-tuning is recommended when a pre-trained model doesn't perform your task well or when you want to teach it something new.


Enhance products with domain-specific text. Available on Command Light.

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"The integration of Cohere’s technology marked a significant leap in performance… Cohere's fine-tuned models were easy to test, going live in less than an hour."

Nick GibbMachine Learning Engineer
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