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Cohere For AI - Guest Speaker: Katherine Lee & A. Feder Cooper


Date: Apr 03, 2024

Time: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Location: Online

Abstract: Does generative AI infringe copyright?” is an urgent question. It is also a difficult question, for two reasons. First, “generative AI” is not just one product from one company. It is a catch-all name for a massive ecosystem of loosely related technologies. These systems behave differently and raise different legal issues. Second, copyright law is notoriously complicated, and generative-AI systems manage to touch on a great many corners of it. They raise issues of authorship, similarity, direct and indirect liability, and fair use, among much else. These issues cannot be analyzed in isolation, because there are connections everywhere. We discuss these issues and challenges in this talk (based on a law review article (forthcoming in JCS), Talkin’ ‘Bout AI Generation). Additionally, we discuss the challenges of data memorization and training data extraction in production models. Paper link:

Katherine is a senior research scientist at Google DeepMind. Her work has provided essential empirical evidence and measurement for grounding discussions around concerns that language models infringe copyright, and about how language models can respect an individuals’ right to privacy and control of their data. Additionally, she has proposed methods of reducing memorization. Her work has received recognition at ACL, USENIX, and ICLR.

A. Feder Cooper is a scalable machine-learning (ML) researcher, working on reliable measurement and evaluation of ML. A. Feder Cooper is a CS Ph.D. candidate at Cornell University, an Affiliate at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, a lead organizer of GenLaw, and a student researcher at Google Research.

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