With Cohere, you can build NLP-powered solutions that deliver an ongoing flow of content for the business.

Filter Examples

Restaurant Customer Inquiries

Get a visualization for all the FAQs for your restaurant

Transcript Summarization

Extract the main point of a conversation

Spelling and Grammar Check

Given a list of text, it will remove improper capitalization and transform the sentence to Capitalized Text

Headline Market Analysis

Given a news headline, identify if the category of the article is technology, economy, or health

Email Copy

Generate an Email given a description

Customer Persona

Describe a potential customer persona for a product

Blog Post Body Paragraph

Generate a body paragraph for a blog post

Instagram Caption

Generate a caption with a call to action

Email Keyword Extraction

Extract product name and return address from an email

Article Summarization

Summarize the main point of a paragraph into a single sentence

Product Description to Benefits

Turns a product description into a list of functional, emotional, and social benefits.

Blog Title Alternatives Generator

Suggest three alternative titles with a better marketing copy

Insurance FAQ Classification

Using our classification model, customer questions can be easily classified into the correct category.

Business Model Canvas

Generate a business model canvas for a satellite

Spam Detection

Given email titles, identify if the email is spam or not spam

Interview Question Generator

Generate a list of 5 interview questions for a senior software engineer

Contract Entity Extraction

Use generative models to easily parse out entities from text

LinkedIn Post Generator

Uplevel your networking game with LinkedIn posts about your job

Subreddit Titles

Identify unique clusters from posts made on the subreddits

Product Classifier

Given a set of sample products, identify if it is a type of power tool, screw, or cement board

Ad Headline

Generate promotional ad copy variants

Invoice Entity Extraction

Given an invoice, the model is able to extract the named entities in the contract

Blog Post Outline

Generate an outline for a blog post given topic and audience

Tweet Classification

Given a set of tweets, determine if the tweet is about a demo, a piece of news, or an event

Y-combinator Thread Titles

Identify 5 distinct groupings from this dataset of text

Concept Relationships

A is to B as C is to D relationships

Product Description

Create a product description given keywords and a product name

Startup Idea Generator

Come up with a startup problem and solution for an industry

Correct Errors in Voice to Text

Correct all the grammatical errors within an excerpt of a transcript

Blog Post Intro Paragraph

Generate an intro paragraph for a blog post

Ad Copy AIDA Framework

Generate an ad copy following the AIDA Framework

Article Title Classifier

Given an article title, identify if the article is about business news, cooking, or arts & culture

Blog Post Title

Generate 5 titles with topic, tone, and audience

Real Estate Listing

Convert a description into a textual advertisement

NeurIPS22 Accepted Papers

Identify 4 unique clusters from the dataset of Arxiv titles and their abstracts